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of katrina, hayden, vicky and bong

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho recently teamed up for a series of exotic dancing and sex-video that is the talk of the country today. Much like the influenza strain A(H1N1) virus, their tandem proves to be fatal to the sanity of the masses. Hormone-laden youths raided internet shops to watch and download the sex vids! Quiapo street-hawkers are suddenly realizing more than 600% profit from their pirated copies of the videos taken by no other than the doctor-turned-hussler-turned "pene-actor-director-cinematographer" who starred in not just one! not two! but three sex vid scandals! (as of last count, there seems to be a vicky belo-hayden kho sex vid looming in the cyber horizon!)

Katrina cries foul! Binaboy daw siya! Sabi ng mga nakapanood, baboy ka talaga! Enjoy na enjoy ka pa nga nung kasalukuyang binababoy ka! And now you're saying you were a victim???? Awww c'mon!
Hayden pleads for understanding. Understand Huwatttt???? You came from a good family, you studied in a good school, you fuck beautiful starlets on the side and fuck a matron for a living. Not a bad state to be in. And am not complaining if i see your member. really.
At siyempre dahil malapit na ang eleksyon, pasok si senator, ala super hero, to the rescue of the damsel. Grand standing! At talagang gawin nating national issue and sex video ha??? Complete with privilege speech sa senado. My God! You are wasting my taxes! Pasaway ka rin eh. Ayusin mo muna buhay mo, pwede ba? Yun anak mo nakabuntis ng babae hindi pinakasalan, ikaw mismo me anak ka sa labas! Yun anak mong babae bago pa lang nireregla nabuntis na! Yung asawa mo, kilalang maldita at tulad ng kapatid mong babae, ginagawang punching bag ang mga katulong sa bahay! Susmaryosep! tingnan mo muna ang basura sa loob ng bakuran mo, bago ka makiaalam sa kalat ng iba!
and of course, why let everyone get all the publicity??? why not grab a big chunk of the limelight since you were the one who created the monster called Hayden, Vicky got the services of handsome opposition spokesman-lawyer, Atty. Adel Tamano. What for??? Wala lang. Me pera eh. And he said that if there is one victim, it is his client, Vicky. Ows??? Pano naman magiging victim yan, eh predator yan. Hayden was a simple, unassuming young, handsome, energetic doctor, doing modeling jobs on the side, seeking to have clinical experience and a stable job, and Vicky provided him that . . . and so much, much more! Condo, flashy cars, trips abroad, and lots of sex! Plus, probably free treatments, exfoliation, botox, lipo, glutha shots, etc. to make him one of the more desirable pieces of meat in the market.
Isa lang ang masasabi ko, when it comes to men, Vicky is showing a lot of taste! Kita nyo naman ang abogado niya! Pero ang alam ko, Muslim si Atty. Tamano, so hindi siya kumakain ng baboy! Sorry ka na lang, lola.
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